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We currently have public, private and paid discussion boards. Guest responses are currently allowed without sign-up (but this option may not always be available due to spammers). Please feel free to sign up and participate.

Private projects include a "module" on pH and mineral balancing. Request Charter Membership Status to participate.

Our 120 nutrition and detoxification independent study program is nearing completion.

"Bare Bones" Digestive System Cleanse

A very basic digestive system (and colon) cleanse using only water, clay, Expel (herbs) and probiotics. Simple. Effective.


Heavy Metal Cleanse

"Bare Bones" Heavy Metal Cleansing

A very basic heavy metal detox cleanse using only water, lemons, cilantro, garlic and (of course) therapeutic clay.


Antifungal Protocol Treatment Program

Antifungal Protocol & Program

A comprehensive antifungal program designed for the beginner using only water-soluble antimicrobials.


Antifungal Topical Spray

Antifungal Topical Formulation with EOs

A tutorial on how to prepare a very potent antimicrobial topical spray for use with fungal (and other) skin infections.


Natural Deodorant Formula

Natural Deodorant Formula

A tutorial on how to make a completely natural and effective deodorant that only costs pennies per month.


digestive system recovery and detox

Digestive System Recovery Program

Archived page. Will be replaced by the 120 day nutrition and detox program.


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